We conduct daily activities to groom children and their parents in various ways ...


Prayers and Yoga sessions get conducted daily. Yoga includes meditation and easy Asanas like Shavasan, Vajrasan, Dhyanmudra etc

Prayers help them to concentrate and to improve their speech. Also increases the sense of togetherness

Yoga helps them get basic exercises as these children cannot do regular and routine exercises. It works as a warm up for them. Yoga also helps them to become mentally stable up to some extent. And the development has been seen especially in Hyper Active children


As a part of daily activities Computer awareness program gets conducted by trained teachers and peer trainers designed by "AMBA Foundation Bangalore"

We have peer trainers - "Tushar Kharkar and Sayali Dhurat"

Computer training helps them differentiate between alphabets with size and shape

As per the capacity of child the activities will be advanced. Also opportunity of Data Entry and Excel jobs will be available for these kids as a future growth


We conduct dance sessions twice a week

This is a special therapy conducted by Professional Classical Dancer

Dance help channelizing their unutilized physical energy in positive way


Music sessions also gets conducted twice a week

Music therapy is conducted by teachers and parents

Music is a kind of mental relaxation and happiness for children as well as parents. Music also helps them improve their vocal ability. This also improves their confidence


We arrange special trainings for Mothers and Fathers. And we have got very nice and positive response for this

These sessions include some art and craft activities as well as physical fitness programs

This is a proactive approach taken towards the residential home project. This approach will create employment opportunities for parents along with the day care responsibilities and at the same time child won't have to live without his parents