About Jagruti Palak Sanstha, Thane

A mentally challenged person also called PWIDD-Person with intellectual and developmental disability. There are innumerable difficulties in bringing up and supporting such a child. Bringing up a mentally deficient child is a big challenge for any parent, more so if he or she belongs to the financially weaker section of the society and/or is daily wage earner. Some of them may even be single parents. Though these persons grow up physically, they are not capable of taking care of themselves due to their mental handicap. This puts the parents to extreme stress leading to frustration and even suicide. Individually, parents face insurmountable odds. Collectively, they can share the burden and hope to work out a solution.

Jagruti Palak Sanstha, Thane (JPS) was formed by parents of such children to pool their resources and energies to face the challenge. The JPS was registered in 2002 with the Charity Commissioner of Thane. It is also registered with National Trust, New Delhi, NCPO and Parivaar Sahyadri. The Managing Committee of JPS is elected every two years and it also has an Advisory Board to provide necessary vision and guidance. It has over 200 parent members and they mostly belong to the lower economic and social strata of the society.

Presently it is running the ‘Spoorti Activity Centre’ and the ‘Mamata Day Care Centre’ for disabled persons above 18 years of age , who are no longer supported by the special schools. The JPS regularly conducts workshops, seminars, medical camps for children Also get together of parents is conducted by the JPS where information regarding legal guardianship, insurance schemes etc is given to the parents. Parents come together to jointly celebrate various events which fosters friendship and comradeship between them. These centres go a long way in helping parents to go about their jobs and other personal work without worrying about their wards during the day.